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Element Geo Feature Types

To edit or update element geo feature types:

PUT /element/geo/feature/types

This endpoint provides for updating the geo feature type(s) identified with an element, to do which log in a user with owner-level privileges.


Provide the input field(s) below as a JSON-encoded data object:

Param Type Description
id string The UUID of the element for which to update geo feature type(s).
geo object This is an object with a feature property, itself an object with a property for types, being a one-dimensional indexed array, in which each value is the UUID of an individual geo feature type. The order in which each geo feature type is provided determines its position as identified with the element in question.

The data object provided by this endpoint is the element for which geo feature type information is now updated.


If there is an endpoint transaction failure, or a problem with user input data, an error is provided:

ID/Type Description
invalid_element_type The element is of the wrong type to be identified with geo feature type(s).
invalid_geo_feature_type The geo feature type was not provided or does not exist.

If an error is not described on this page, the platform-wide error table provides further information.

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