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Embed Data

To get data on an embed object:

This endpoint provides oembed data on an embed object if a known provider is identified based on the embed URL.

GET /embed/data


Param Type Description
url string The URL of the embed on which to get data.

Data Fields

The data object provided by this endpoint includes:

Field Type Description
oembed string If a known provider is identified based on the embed url, this endpoint will try to get oembed data from that provider, to be delivered as JSON text.


If there is an endpoint transaction failure, or a problem with user input data, an error is provided:

ID/Type Description
data_provider_error The embed (or provider) does not exist, or failed to yield data before timeout.
data_provider_not_identified There is no known oembed provider based on the url entered.
invalid_url The url provided is empty or badly formed.

If an error is not described on this page, the platform-wide error table provides further information.

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