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Elebase provides for localization of text based on the locale(s) included for a project, in which a 'locale' identifies the base language to be used and, optionally, the location variant thereof. The Elebase platform default locale 'en', for example, indicates that the English language is to be used, while the locales 'en-US' or 'en-GB' identify known variants of English based on location (i.e., the United States or Great Britain).

Information on defining the locale(s) to be included for an Elebase project, and the default and fallback locale(s) to be used therein, is provided on the /project/locales endpoint documentation page.

To get a list of known Elebase locales:

GET /locales

Data Fields

The data object provided by this endpoint includes both a total (integer) of entries found, and an index (array) in which each object provides the fields below:

Field Type Description
id string The Elebase locale identifier, in which the base language (ISO 639-1) and, if known, the location (ISO 3166-1 alpha-2) variant, is defined.
name string The name of the locale in English. This will tend to be provided in the form of the language name and, if declared, the location (country) in parentheses.
text array This field provides translations of the name in both the locale being described and that of the endpoint transaction, in that order.
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