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To get information on projects:

GET /projects

This endpoint delivers information on the project for which the developer key in use is enabled.

The data object provided by this endpoint includes both a total (integer) of entries found, and an index (array) of project(s).

To edit or update a project:

PUT /projects

This endpoint provides for updating information on the project for which the developer key in use is enabled.

In order to edit or update project information, log in a user identified with owner-level privileges.


Provide the input field(s) below as a JSON-encoded data object:

Param Type Description Optional
name string The name of the project, delivered in the endpoint transaction locale.
description string The textual description for this project in the endpoint transaction locale.
color string The (comma-delimited) hex triplet(s) to be identified with this project.
confine_editorial_purview boolean Indicate the extent of editor-level user privilege for content entries throughout the project. If false, this will include entries in no groups, entries in groups not excluded by user group, and entries in groups linked to user group(s) in which the user exists. If true, only the latter (entries identified with their user group(s)) will be included.
keep_entries_public boolean Indicate whether or not to keep content entries public (or queued) if edited. If true, a public entry will not be put back into draft phase upon editing, while if false this will be the default behavior.
timezone string The default timezone for project. The /timezones endpoint provides a list of known Elebase time zones.
types_per_entry integer The preferred limit on content type(s) identified with content entries in the project.
attributes object The entity-attribute-value data to be identified with this entity.

The data object provided by this endpoint is the project with this information being updated.


If there is an endpoint transaction failure, or a problem with user input data, an error is provided:

ID/Type Description
integer_not_provided The value provided for types_per_entry is not an integer.
invalid_hexadecimal The color provided is not a valid hex triplet.
invalid_timezone The timezone provided is not known to the Elebase platform.

If an error is not described on this page, the platform-wide error table provides further information.

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