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This endpoint provides for testing an initial transaction or usage by delivering the information below:

GET /test

Note: This endpoint infers a non-default value of true for the optional debug parameter. In order to use this parameter with other endpoints, include it in the URL (i.e., /test?debug=1).

Data Fields

The information below is delivered in the info object, to keep it encapsulated from the data object provided by other endpoints, and includes the following properties:

Field Type Description
ip string The IP origin logged for the endpoint transaction.
time integer The Unix Epoch time logged for the endpoint transaction.
exec float The total execution time logged for the endpoint transaction not including ETag preparation based on, or JSON-encoding of, the data to be provided (event log data is queued post-delivery).
key string The Elebase developer key in use.
proj string The UUID of the Elebase project identified with the key in use.
user string The UUID of the Elebase user identified by login or token provided to the endpoint, if known.
ver string The version of the endpoint in use.
path string The endpoint URL path, not including version.
lang string The locale identified by the endpoint in which data ought to be provided.
query object The input data provided to the endpoint, being taken either from the URL query parameter(s) or JSON-encoded post data and delivered as key-value pair(s).
http object The HTTP code delivered by, and the verb identified with, the endpoint transaction.
error object The error id and data provided by the endpoint, if present.
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