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User Login

To log a known user into an Elebase project:

POST /user/login


Provide the input field(s) below as a JSON-encoded data object:

Param Type Description
email string The e-mail identified with the user logging in.
pwd string The user's password.

Data Fields

If the user login is valid, the data object provided by this endpoint includes:

Field Type Description
id string The UUID of the user for which data is being provided.
token string 128-byte persistent login token.

Information on using the token delivered by this endpoint for persistent user login, including example(s), is provided on the Elebase API Introduction.

This endpoint delivers a user object, too, on which further information is provided on the user object documentation page.


If there is an endpoint transaction failure, or a problem with user input data, an error is provided:

ID/Type Description
email_not_provided The user email was not provided.
invalid_email The user email is not valid.
invalid_password The password is empty or not included.
invalid_user_login The user does not exist, is not enabled or they've entered an incorrect password.

If an error is not described on this page, the platform-wide error table provides further information.

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