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The comment data object.

Field Type Description
id string The UUID of the comment for which data is being provided.
user object The user identified as posting this comment, if known. Includes only the user id.
content object The content entry identified with this comment, or to which it belongs. Includes only the content entry id.
approved boolean Indicates whether or not the comment passed evaluation by an editor-level user. This provides for an expression to filter or exclude based on editorial purview, if desired.
name string The personal name or identity provided for, or by, the user posting this comment.
email string The e-mail identified with the user posting this comment, if provided.
text string The textual body of the comment.
locale string The locale identified with the comment text, being that used for the initial POST endpoint transaction.
date_time object The init and edit date/time this entry was initially posted, and that of its latest known edit or update, both provided in ISO 8601 format.
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