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The content entry data object.

Field Type Description
id string The UUID of the content entry for which data is being provided.
date_time object The init and edit date/time this entry was initially posted, and that of its latest known edit or update, both provided in ISO 8601 format.
editable boolean Indicates whether the entry is to be editable only by the user(s) explicitly invited to collaborate on the entry, or if this privilege is to be granted to project editors, too.
phase integer The Elebase content phase identified with this entry on which the key table below provides further information.
queued string The date/time (provided in ISO 8601 format) this content entered the pending queue to be viewed by an editor for publication. If a non-empty value is present, the entry is not yet public.
public string The date/time (provided in ISO 8601 format) of publication. If this value is empty or indicates a date/time that is not yet passed, or if a non-empty value for queued is present, the entry is not yet public.
title string The title of this content entry, provided in the endpoint transaction or fallback locale (if plural, this will be delivered in an object keyed by each).
users array The user(s) identified with this entry as collaborators, being a one-dimensional indexed array in which each value is the UUID of an individual user, on which the /users endpoint provides further information.
types array The content type(s) identified with this content entry.
elements array The element(s) identified with this content entry, based on its type(s).
contacts array The contact(s) identified with this content entry.
groups array The group(s) in which this content exists.
votes object Information on the voting data logged for this entry, being an object which provides the average, total, and quantity of votes placed.
distance number If the entry is provided by the /content endpoint and a point was indicated, this will be the distance from that point, in kilometers, identified for this entry.
key object If the entry is provided by the /content endpoint with an element in the order parameter, this will indicate the element used and the value on which the entry position is based. If, for example, an event were to include two (+) date/time element values, and would therefore be provided for each, the value of this property will be the date/time on which this instance of the event takes place (the data provided for the element in question being kept intact, with each value thereof). This provides for including only this value for the user, or displaying it in bold, etc.

The Elebase content phases below indicate the publication status of an entry:

Phase Description
0 The entry is deleted but not yet purged from the database.
1 The entry is an in-progress draft, either not yet in the pending queue or denied for publication by an editor. This is the default phase identified with content entries.
2 The entry is pending evaluation to be either published or denied by an editor.
3 The entry is prescheduled for delayed publication at a later date/time, but no longer in the pending queue.
4 The entry is published.
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