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Geo Feature

The geo feature object.

Data Fields

Field Type Description
id string The UUID of the geo feature object for which data is being provided.
date_time object The init and edit date/time this entry was initially posted, and that of its latest known edit or update, both provided in ISO 8601 format.
parent object If the geo feature object data is being provided by itself, the id of the parent geo data object to which it belongs.
ordinal integer The desired position of this geo feature in its parent geo data object.
type object The geo feature type identified with this geo feature.
json string The geography or physical location embodied by this feature, provided as a geojson object.
user object The primary user identified with this geo feature, being the user who initially entered it, if that user is known and not deleted. Includes only the user id.
text string The label, or name, identified with this feature, provided in the endpoint transaction or fallback locale (if plural, this will be delivered in an object keyed by each).
attributes object If defined, the entity-attribute-value data identified with this entity.
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