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Geo Layer

The geo layer object.

Data Fields

Field Type Description
id string The UUID of the geo layer on which data is being provided.
provider string The geo layer provider key. The only value presently in this field will be: esri.
type string The geo layer type: if esri is the layer provider, this field will include a value of either base or web. The base layer type is used for the default base layers. The web type is used if the layer is an Esri web map.
name string If the geo layer type is base, this field will indicate one of the default Esri base layers, including: dark-gray, gray, hybrid, national-geographic, oceans, osm, satellite, streets, terrain, or topo.
key string If the geo layer type is web, this field will provide its unique Esri web map ID.
ordinal integer If the geo layer data is being provided for an element, this will indicate the desired position of this geo layer for that element.
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