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The physical and/or postal location of an entity, delivered as an object including:

Data Fields

Field Type Description
id string The UUID of the location on which data is being provided.
date_time object The init and edit date/time this entry was initially posted, and that of its latest known edit or update, both provided in ISO 8601 format.
name string If known, the name of this location, provided in the endpoint transaction or fallback locale (if plural, this will be delivered in an object keyed by each).
country string The ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 code identified with the country.
division object The principal division identified with the location, provided as either the designated ISO 3166-2 code, or text, if either is known.
city string The city provided for the location.
postcode string The postal or zip code entered for the location.
detail string The physical or postal details of this location not included in the other fields: this will tend to include variations of a unit and/or building number, cardinal direction or quadrant, block number, thoroughfare and/or post office box, etc. depending on the (preferably localized) format in which the user entered this information.
point string If known, the geographic point identified with this location, provided as a comma-delimited textual value indicating both longitude and latitude, in that order.
user object The user identified with this location. In general, this will be the user who initially entered the location, if known. Includes only the user id.
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