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Project Locale

The project locale object.

Data Fields

Field Type Description
id string The Elebase locale identifier.
project object The Elebase project for which this locale exists, further information on which is provided via the /projects endpoint. Includes only the project id.
default boolean Indicates whether or not this locale is the default for the project. If true, data in this locale will be provided if no locale is indicated for an endpoint transaction.
enabled boolean Indicates whether or not the project locale is enabled. This provides for an expression to filter the locale(s) to be publicly displayed. If a locale is identified as the fallback of a different locale in the project, it will be included (enabled or not) to provide for data entry and testing. In order to prevent text being delivered in an unintended locale (i.e., one in which translation effort is yet in progress, for example), do not identify it as the fallback of locale(s) in use for public display until it ought to be included.
optional boolean Indicates whether the project locale is to be treated as optional in terms of whether a non-empty value is expected before an entry would qualify for publication by an editor.
fallback string The identifier of the project locale for which data ought to be provided if no text value exists yet in this locale.
path array The identifier of each project locale on which fallback logic is based for this locale, beginning with this locale. This is, in effect, a breadcrumb trail indicating the order in which text values will be prioritized for this locale.
name string The name of the locale in English. This will tend to be provided in the form of the language name and, if declared, the location (country) in parentheses.
text array This field provides translations of the name in both the locale being described and that of the endpoint transaction, in that order.
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