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The user data object.

Data Fields

Field Type Description
id string The UUID of the user for which data is being provided.
project object The Elebase project in which this user exists, further information on which is provided via the /projects endpoint. Includes only the project id.
email string The user's e-mail. This value is unique and exclusive to this user in the Elebase project, and functions as their login identity.
name object The personal first and last name of the user, if known.
organization string The institutional name for the user, if provided.
date_time object The init and edit date/time this entry was initially posted, and that of its latest known edit or update, both provided in ISO 8601 format.
enabled boolean Indicates whether or not the user is enabled. This provides for a temporary ban or denial of privileges without deleting the user.
bypass_editor boolean Indicates whether or not the user is permitted to bypass editorial purview on their own entries. If this value is true, the user can publish content entries they've been identified with as a collaborator instead of those entries being placed in the pending queue to be viewed, and then published or denied, by an editor.
timezone string The user's default time zone, if a preference exists. The /timezones endpoint provides a list of known Elebase time zones.
locale string The user's default locale, if a preference exists. The /locales endpoint provides a list of known Elebase locales.
point string The default geographic point location for this user, provided as a comma-delimited textual value indicating both longitude and latitude, in that order.
text string The biographical or descriptive profile text for this user, provided in the endpoint transaction or fallback locale (if plural, this will be delivered in an object keyed by each).
groups array The group(s) in which this user exists.
type integer The Elebase user type indicating the privilege level identified with this user on which the key table below provides further explanation.
attributes object If defined, the entity-attribute-value data identified with this entity.

The Elebase user types below enable functionality throughout the platform based on the privilege level identified with each:

Type Level Description
0 base The base-level user with no extra inherent privileges beyond those unique to, and granted by, a project expression, if desired.
1 contributor This user type is primarily enabled to post, edit/update and delete content entries, potentially dependent on their being included in user group(s) with exclusive privileges for individual elements or content types, etc.
2 editor The editor-level user type is identified with privileges to evaluate and publish (but not delete) content entries posted by contributors.
3 owner This user type is granted top-level privileges for the project, including (but not limited to) posting, editing/updating and deleting its elements, groups, content types and other project-level entities.
4 internal This is a platform-level user type identified with Elebase personnel only.

These user types equate directly to the privilege levels identified with them, and each user level inherits the privileges of those below it. This forms the basis of user type-driven privileges (but not independent of group-based exceptions) throughout the Elebase platform and projects. Elebase uses these privilege levels as denoted in English internally, but delivers the user type as an integer value to provide for expressions using their own preferred terms for each if desired.

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