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Content Entries

An Entry is created by adding a Title and selecting a Type.

Every Entry in Elebase must belong to at least one Type and also have a Title. After a Title is created it is possible to add text, data, and files to the Elements specified for the Type of Content being created.

For example, a User could create an Entry by selecting the Type "Hotel" and then giving the Entry the title "Pine Tree Hotel." The User would then add content, files, and data to the individual Elements assigned to the Hotel Type, such as "Description, Seasons Open, Location."

Entries can be linked to other entries.

Once an Entry is created it can be linked to other entries. A link from one entry to another is single direction. This means that an Entry that is linked-to will not automatically link back.

Entries can have more than one owner.

It is possible to add more than one User to an Entry. Adding a User to an Entry gives that User authority to edit the Entry.

Contacts can be related to an Entry.

Relating a Contact to an Entry can be useful for such purposes as providing details for a user to get more information or even for the purpose of linking site Contacts to the information they find most compelling.

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