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Use Groups to further classify and define content.

The Group concept is applied in six ways within Elebase.

Type Groups

Put different Types of content into Groups.

For example, a Type of content called "Hotel," another called "Campground," and another called "Cabin" could be organized into a Type Group called "Places to Stay."

Element Groups

Put Elements into Groups.

For example, a series of boolean Elements used to identify features that might be available at a hotel, such as "Swimming Pool," "WiFi," "Breakfast" that serve a common purpose of indicating amenities could be put into a Group called "Amenities."

Content Entry Groups

Content Entries themselves can be organized into Groups. This is especially helpful for organizing content across different Types.

For example, a Content Entry called "Pine Tree Hotel" could be highlighted or featured on an expression by using a Group called "Featured Content," to which specific Content Entries can be added.

User Groups

Users can be placed into specific Groups. This allows Users to be segmented beyond their role. It also allows more granular permissions to be specified for Users.

For example, a User Group can have access to some Types of content but not others. A User Group can also have access to a specific set of Elements within a Type of content.

File Groups

Files, such as images, pdf documents, videos, or any of the many accepted files allowed in Elebase can be organized into Groups.

For example, a Group called "Public" could be used for the purpose of sharing files on a public site and another Group called "Private" would indicate the files that should be kept behind a login.

Contact Groups

Use Contact Groups to segment Contacts for any purpose.

For example, a Group called "Website Signup" could be used for contacts that signed up via a website and the Contact Group "Tradeshow" could be used for contacts that sign up at a Tradeshow.

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