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BaaS Might Be What Your Project Needs

There is a wide spectrum of solutions for structuring and managing your data, with Content Management Systems (CMS) at one end and custom databases at the other.

It is often possible to shoehorn your data into a CMS. However, a major weakness in these systems is that they were designed and built for a time when the medium for digital publishing was primarily web pages designed for desktop computers.

At the other end of the spectrum, you can design a bespoke database that is perfectly suited for the needs of your application or website. But this approach is time-consuming, costly, and will often leave you with very little time to actually create the user-facing software you set out to build in the first place.

The good news is that a new class of solutions is emerging that fits into the middle of this spectrum. These solutions are often referred to as “Back End as a Service” platforms (or BaaS for short). A BaaS allows you to quickly create and iterate on a custom data model tailored precisely for your application or website and access that data via a flexible web API.