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Elebase is a
backend as a service. content management solution. cloud database solution.
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Boost Development
Boost Development
Decrease development time and improve launch stability. Focus more on customer-facing features.
Create Anything
Create Anything
Use any language or framework. Make clunky template workarounds a thing of the past.
Simplify Collaboration
Simplify Collaboration
Unleash a crowd of contributors. Ideal for user generated content applications.
Manage Content
Manage Content
Users can easily create and update content without needing any coding skills.
Scale Limitlessly
Scale Without Limit
Handle unexpected traffic bursts with ease. Get full encryption and data security with every plan.
Map Everything
Map Everything
Create advanced geospatial content. Build applications with the power of ‘where’.

Explore Elebase from Different Perspectives
Short introductions
Engineered for Scale.
and Reliable
Built on AWS.
Highly available and
redundant. Assets
served via CDN.

User Authentication
and Security
Don't reinvent the
wheel. SSO and
SHA-256 encryption
are all built in.

Content Modeling
Quickly build your
content model visually
and without constraint.

ReSTful, fast, and
convenient. Thoughtful
The cloud is finally coming
to content management
Forrester Research
...APIs point toward the
future architecture of digital
Forrester Research


Whether you are a front-end developer, a full-stack developer, or a mobile application developer, Elebase significantly speeds your time to launch.

With Elebase as your application’s backend, you will get started right away developing amazing digital experiences with content delivered to you through JSON endpoints that are ReSTful, thoughtful, and fast.

Users can also write content to your backend via endpoints, making it easier than ever to build applications that involve user generated content.

Elebase has geo engineered into its core, making it the ideal solution for any application that involves mapping or geospatial functionality.

Right from the start, get data security and event logging. You are free to code awesome things without worrying about devops.

Because Elebase is API-driven, you have complete freedom to craft your presentation and functionality. Bid farewell to clunky plugins and CMS workarounds. Start making beautiful digital experiences using any language you want, the way you’ve always wanted to.

Content Producer

You’re a journalist. You’re a blogger. You’re a marketing copywriter. You have important things to say. Elebase is a content management platform that makes it easy for one or one thousand users to create and update content for your website or mobile app without the need to write code.

Content management workflows allow editors to review and approve content before it is made active. Create compelling content on your own, or as part of a team, with text, images, audio files, video, and more.

You can tightly define which Users get access to what content for creating and editing with powerful role and User Group settings.

Put the power of ‘Where’ into your content with advanced geospatial mapping tools. Elebase is the only content management platform in the world that gives geospatial content the respect it deserves.

Creative Director

As a Creative Director, you have big ideas. Unfortunately, those ideas don’t always fit into the box that traditional CMS template systems are always stuffing you in.

You are free to conceptualize digital experiences that behave like applications, but don’t need to look like pages. You can think about content across platforms: web, mobile, digital display boards, and things!

At the heart of Elebase is an easy and infinitely powerful way to organize and structure content. Because all of the content is organized and stored in a very flexible way, you can design presentations that use some content in some places and other content in other places.

If you want to change things up in the future, or add new types of content, no problem. Get all the flexibility you need from a custom data solution, without the time, expense, and hassle that custom used to require.

Data Manager

Within minutes you can start managing data for your organization or company. Easily create a data model that reflects the types of data and information you want to record and then you’re up and running.

Data input and management is easily distributed among many people because your database is accessed via the web. Whether you are tracking project status, facilities, customer relationships, human resources, company documents, or business processes, Elebase offers data security with 256-bit encryption, data backups, and replication.

All actions to your data are recorded, creating an audit log that reflects who did what and when. Add to that advanced geospatial capacities that allow you to analyze your data on an entirely new vector: the power of ‘Where.’

Boost Development

Jump past all the work you used to have to do before you could start on your user experience: database design, devops, security, and scaling. Get to work on the user experience knowing that all of that necessary backend work has been taken care of.

By using Elebase you will be able to decrease your time to launch by 200% or more!

The budget that used to be allocated towards your backend development can now be used to extend application functionality and improve the user experience. You will be able to invest more time into the parts of the application that users actually see and interact with.

Create Anything

With Elebase, you no longer have to think about content or functionality within the box of tired templated webpages.

You are free to start conceptualizing digital experiences that behave like applications. You can think about content across platforms: web, mobile apps, digital display boards, and things.

The powerful content model tool allows you to organize your content the way that makes the most sense for you and your needs, not the way your template system requires it to be. Build your content model quickly, visually, and without constraint.

Simplify Collaboration

Content management workflows allow editors to review and approve content before it is made active. Multiple Users can collaborate on content. Default content creation screens designed for any level of User allows for easy crowd-sourced content creation.

Custom content creation work flows can be deployed using the powerful API.

Tightly define which users get access to what specific content for creating and editing with powerful role and User Group settings.

Create and manage content once, but deploy to many apps, websites, or things at the same time.

Allow content creators to invite other Users to collaborate. Share email announcements and documents with your content contributors.

Manage Content

Elebase is the next generation of content management. Go beyond legacy page or blog making and instead deploy a powerful content and asset repository that can be deployed on a website, an app, a digital display board — or all of the above at the same time.

Content is stored in a way that allows it to be used in many different presentations and environments. Markdown editing in text means that your content is protected against fast changing presentation technologies.

Manage your content in several languages and locales. User and content information is fully compatible for a global communications environment.

Scale Without Limit

Grow your traffic as fast as you want and be ready when that sudden or unexpected traffic burst strikes. Elebase is built on the power of the cloud, which makes your content highly available. Security is engineered from the start. Your content is transferred and stored with 256-bit encryption.

Your digital assets are served quickly via a global CDN.

Map Everything

The power of ‘Where’ has become a critical component to modern web and mobile applications.

Expand your functionality with powerful geo features. Integrate points, paths, and areas.

Associate geographic information with feature types.