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  • Simple, intuitive data modeling
  • Elegant, flexible API
  • Convenient development kits
  • Beautiful, responsive web UI
  • Powerful development platform


  • Data delivery via fast, global CDN
  • Highly secure, redundant infrastructure
  • Built-in auto-scaling
  • Efficient editorial workflows
  • User management & permissions


  • Comprehensive localization support
  • Ideal for multi-platform applications
  • Frictionless prototyping*
  • Data import & export* tools
  • Simple, usage-based pricing


Elebase's fully-managed platform gives you a powerful set of tools and technologies to build more elegant applications faster and more efficiently.

Data Modeling

Setting up data models for your applications using our intuitive UI is much faster and easier than developing a traditional database schema. It's also much easier to modify and iterate on throughout your development cycle.


Our API is well-documented, platform-agnostic, and is as simple to use as it is powerful to wield. Elegant endpoints provide full, unrestricted read/write access to your application data in the same way a traditional data store would, so there are no comprises when you replace your database with Elebase.

Development Kits

We offer a growing collection of language-specific SDKs that make it easy to get started by providing a simple, idiomatic interface to our API endpoints and by taking care of common things like API authentication, caching, logging, and error handling.

Powerful Capabilities

With the ability to store and query on complex data like geographical points, paths, and polygons as well as do things like user authentication and URL-based image transformations, your applications will have an impressive array of capabilities right from the start.


Once your applications are deployed, Elebase keeps the data flowing to them quickly, reliably, and securely while also making it to easy to manage and modify data either programmatically or interactively through a layperson-friendly UI.


All your application and file data is delivered via a high-performance, global Content Delivery Network (CDN). The Elebase CDN can handle traffic of enormous scale and its caches are intelligently managed behind the scenes so that, even if an application has data that changes frequently, the most up-to-date version of that data is always available within seconds of it being modified.


We take the security of our API and your sensitive application data very seriously. That starts with ensuring all data transmitted to your application and its end users is secured in transit using 256-bit encryption and HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS). We also ensure that information stored in our databases is fully encrypted at rest and user passwords are stored using one-way, salted hashes. Beyond that, our infrastructure protects against a variety of volumetric and application layer attacks using a combination of internal software and trusted, third-party vendors.


Being thoughtful about the scalability of your software is important, but shouldn't be done at the expense of other concerns like the quality of its core features or its user interfaces. Elebase lets you focus on building a great application instead of agonizing over things like how many servers you need and which load balancer or caching system to use.


Elebase includes built-in editorial workflows and fine-grained permission controls enabling tens, hundreds, or even thousands of users to easily contribute to and collaborate on the content of a publication, an academic or scientific research project, a geographical dataset, or the myriad of other things great minds get together to work on.


Whether you want to expand the reach of your applications to new platforms or locales, prototype a brilliant new feature, or invite more people to join your team and collaborate on a project, Elebase grows with you and never gets in the way of your ambitions.

Multi-Language Applications

Our API includes first-class support for localized text and our web app provides a convenient workflow for translators to reference existing language while entering alternate text. The combination of these enable your applications to reach more customers faster.

Multi-Platform Applications

Deploying companion applications to additional platforms (e.g., iOS, macOS, and the web) and sharing data between them is exactly the kind of thing Elebase is great for. It's a natural being the central hub and single source of truth for multiple clients and will greatly reduce the time it takes to extend your applications to be everywhere your customers are.

Experimentation & Prototyping*

Elebase makes it easy and affordable to spin up a quick project to try out an interesting idea or experiment with a new technology. You can even clone one of your existing projects to get started faster. Our team is an exceptionally creative bunch and we know our customers are too, so we've worked hard to make sure our platform never gets in the way of a great idea coming to life.

Affordable Pricing

Regardless of how large your team is or how many projects it has, the pricing is always the same. Each project starts at a low monthly price with plenty of included capacity for a small application or website. If or when a project needs additional resources, it is only charged for what it uses beyond the included capacity and nothing more.
* Currently in development and coming soon.