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Elebase Features

Elebase's fully managed platform provides a powerful API and a rich set of tools to help you build more elegant applications faster and more efficiently.

Powerful Web App

The Elebase web app provides an interface that is both intuitive for casual users and optimized for power users. Modeling, creating, modifying, and organizing application data is simple, efficient, and, we think, quite fun.

Graphical Data Modeling

Create a data model for your application in minutes using a fast, intuitive UI. This approach is far easier and more efficient than traditional methods. It's also easier to modify and iterate on throughout your development cycle.

Geography at the Core

Build world-class apps with advanced location and mapping features using rich geographical data without having to roll your own geospatial database. Use the Elebase API to run sophisticated geospatial queries. Use the web app to easily import, create, modify, and collaborate with others on massive collections of places, paths, and areas, right alongside other kinds of information like imagery, videos, and text.

Collaborative Projects

Enable hundreds or even thousands of users to collaborate on a knowledge base, website, publication, geographical dataset, research project, or the myriad of other things great minds and communities come together to work on. The Elebase web app includes thoughtful editorial workflows, fine-grained permission controls, and doesn't require reading a manual to use proficiently.

Complete JSON API

Use Elebase's JSON-powered, CDN-driven API to create, modify, and retrieve data within your projects programmatically. The API is well-documented, platform-agnostic, and is as simple to use as it is powerful to wield. If you're writing an app in JavaScript, it has a convenient SDK that works in both Node.js and web browsers. Secure HTTPS endpoints provide full read/write access enabling many apps to completely do away with a traditional database, drastically reducing complexity and increasing maintainability.

File Transformations

Take advantage of the powerful file processing engine built right into the Elebase CDN. It enables any user—not just a developer or designer—to perform on-demand conversions, optimizations, and transformations on many types of files, including images and geographical data files, by simply adding a few parameters to the URL.

Multi-Language Support

The Elebase API includes first-class support for localized text and the web app provides a convenient workflow for translators to reference existing language while entering alternate text. The combination of these enable your applications to reach more customers, faster.

Multi-Platform Applications

Deploying companion applications to additional platforms (e.g., iOS, macOS, and the web) and sharing data between them is exactly the kind of thing Elebase is great for. It's a natural being the central hub and single source of truth for multiple clients and will greatly reduce the time it takes to extend your applications to be everywhere your customers are.