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Elebase Pricing

Your first 30 days are free. No credit card required.
Pay as You Go Monthly Pricing
API Usage
$0.00035 per credit

A fast, secure, well-documented, JSON-powered, CDN-driven, platform-agnostic HTTP API.

Each unique API response is equal to 1 credit. API responses served from the CDN cache are equal to 0.5 credits.

Database Storage
$0.50 per MB

Highly secure, highly scalable, and highly available data storage made accessible through a simple, flexible, and platform-agnostic JSON API.

300 Wikipedia articles (text only) would consume about 1 MB of database storage. Ancillary data storage such as indices are not charged.

File Storage
$0.05 per GB

Affordable file storage and services with built-in file transformations.

500 high-resolution photos consume about 1 GB of file storage.

$10 per Project

A Project represents a collection of related resources and the people who create, modify, and use them. Each Project has its own data and API keys.

Projects are typically used to manage the underlying data and users of a software application or website, but can be used for other purposes as well.

Contact us for high-volume pricing. All prices are in United States Dollars (USD).