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Industry Use Cases

Location data and mapping features have become vital for a wide range of apps designed for mobile and wearable devices in addition to the web. This makes Elebase a particularly excellent solution for apps that serve the following industry sectors.


Build applications that facilitate recording, tracking, and analysis.

Asset & Facility Tracking

Manage data about where specific facilities and assets are, and who is using them.

Citizen Science

Launch innovative solutions that empower a community to report observations and gather data.

Economic Development

Deploy interactive tools that help identify facility locations that match key business requirements.

Education & Interpretation

Create applications to manage lesson plans or provide interactive training and learning platforms.

Land Management

Categorize and communicate information about landscapes and land management plans.

Local Government

Deploy applications that facilitate local communication or citizen feedback based on locations such as neighborhoods.

Media & Entertainment

Innovate with interactive features, localized news and events, and apps that engage subscribers.

Non-Profit & Advocacy

Track and communicate project success. Build apps that improve stakeholder and donor engagement.

Parks & Recreation

Let your public know where facilities are and the services your organization provides.

Property Management

Create apps that allow customers to find properties that meet their needs, and manage requests.

Public Planning

Provide digital forums that communicate community plans, and facilitate feedback.

Public Safety

Provide geospatial alert applications and citizen reporting of community safety concerns.

Real Estate

Launch beautiful and sophisticated applications that let customers explore properties and plan routes for viewing.

Retail & eCommerce

Interact with customers based on their location with relevant product updates.


Build apps that connect users to transit options and routes.

Travel & Tourism

Craft sophisticated web and mobile applications that inspire, orient, and facilitate travel to places.


Help visitors and guests get where they need to go with applications that guide people to places.